49.7 km track is under rehabilitation on Tetritskaro-Tsalka section. It includes laying of 37.6 km continuous welded track with new R-65 type rails and 75 544 pieces of R/C sleepers. This district will also be provided by Chivchavi siding with 3.7 km length track. 12.1 km jointed track will be assembled from R-65 type Rails and timber sleepers (10 200 pcs.)

103 of 114 artificial structures located at Tetritskaro-Tsalka district are under rehabilitation-reconstruction. 3 new highways, 4 R/C pipes, 1 protecting concrete wall, 1 bridge and 1 landslide detaining structure  is constructed.

3 highways will be constructed using the newest “Viacon” technology. The highways will be assembled from pleated galvanized metal constructions.